The Explosive Capacity Of The Muscles Of The Two Men And Their Relationship To The Scoring Of Football Halls

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M.A. Mohammed Khaled Awad , M.A. Ahmed Akram Mahmoud , M.A. Youssef Mujbel Rahim


The research dealt with its forefront a definition of the aspects of the study and its variables, the explosive capacity and its relationship to the scoring of football for the halls and highlights the importance of these variables, and the problem of the research consisted that some players fail to score Amie because of the weak power of shots or the slow scoring, so the researchers saw studying this problem and knowing the extent of the influence of the explosive strength During the performance of the skill of scoring with five football, the study aimed to identify the relationship between the explosive strength and the skill of scoring with five football. Researchers assume that there is a statistically significant relationship between the force The explosive and scoring with five football, the sample was chosen in the random way, and it was made up of the fourth stage students, the College of Physical Education and Sports Science / Al -Farahidi University for the academic year 2021 - 2022 AD, which numbered 29 students from (247) after the researcher was excluded (4) students for their lack of cooperation as they reached The ratio of the sample (12%) of the total society of origin, and the statistical processes of the mathematical medium, the standard deviation and the correlation laboratory A relationship between the explosive force and the skill of scoring, and concluded from these results the emergence of various results of the influence of the explosive force on the players in performing the skill of scoring football for the halls. The emergence of a moral connection relationship between the explosive force of the two men and the scourge of football for the halls, and the researchers recommend the need to emphasize the skill performance that increases From the accuracy of the players ’performance and sends the correct idea they have. Coaches must prepare the players before entering the competition for the purpose of raising the physical and moral situation of the players.

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