The Effect Of The Arm Power In Sending Volleyball Among Students Of The Third And Fourth Stage In The Department Of Physical Education, Al -Farahidi University

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M.A. Amir Thamer Aziz , M.A. Al -Hamza Issa Abdul Latif , Prof. Dr. Saad Hammad Saleh


The aims of the research to identify the impact of the force of the arm striking in sending a volleyball between the third and fourth stage students of the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at Al -Farahidi University, and the researchers assumed that there is no relationship between the arm of the arm and the implementation of the transmission of strong tennis, and that the implementation of the tennis sending at the fourth stage is better than the stage The third, and I adopted the descriptive curriculum in the comparative studies method on a sample of students of the third and fourth stage, Al-Farahidi University, who continues in their official workers for the academic year (2.21-2.22), who number (20) students, chosen In the intentional way of their original community, and after identifying the research tests and applying them to the specified sample, the results were addressed with a system (SPSS) and extracts and applications were that there are no moral differences between the third and fourth sample in both the transmission skill. Attention to developing the strength element among students of the academic phase in volleyball, and the need to focus on the appropriate choice for students in allowing them to enter the Department of Physical Education, and their degrees must be taken into consideration during admission to the physical education department, and the need to focus on the most important things in volleyball material And the necessity of using aid methods during lectures to help students during scientific lectures.

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