Developing East Sumba’s Local Culture Based Thematic Teaching Material To Improve Grade IV Students’ Learning Outcomes

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Hiwa Wonda , Fembriani , Silvester P. Taneo , Vera Rosalina Bulu


Ineffective and inefficient learning process in Elementary School due to less contextual learning situation served as the foundation of this research. This problem emerged since teacher interpreted materials only as teaching aids and the availability of learning materials is less relevant to material being taught. This study aimed to develop valid, practical and effective thematic teaching materials based on the local culture of East Sumba in grade IV. ADDIE Model of development research which consists of 5 stages, namely Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation was applied. Questionnaires and tests were used to collect data. The limited trial subjects in this study were 25 teachers and students of grade IV SD Praiwora Waingapu, East Sumba Regency. The data collected were validation data of material experts, linguists and media experts, teacher and student responses to the developed materials and test result. The results showed that the development of teaching materials for social studies for grade IV SD Praiwora Waingapu, East Sumba Regency had very good qualifications with achievement rate 90.41%. This quality achievement was obtained from the calculation of media validity level with the average of  90.83% with very valid qualification, media practicality level of  96.40% with very practical qualification, and media effectiveness level of 84% with very high/effective qualification. Therefore, it could be concluded that the developed diorama media was valid, practical, and effective.

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