The Impact Of Spiritual Global Leadership On Innovation And Organizational Performance: An Examination Of Leadership Integration Models In Islamic Higher Education Institutions

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Rahman El Junusi , Musahadi, Ferry Khusnul Mubarok, Tri Wikaningrum


The construction of global leadership and spiritual leadership are still a matter of debate. So far, global leaders have focused more on global competencies, while moral competencies have not received much attention. "Global spiritual leadership (SGL)" is an integrative leadership model between global leadership and spiritual leadership which is an alternative leadership model in responding to globalization. Therefore, the aim of this study is the impact of SGL on innovation and organizational performance (OP). Survey data were collected from employees of internationalization-oriented Islamic higher education (IHE). Correlational and structural equation modeling techniques were used for data analysis. The results show that SGL affects innovation and OP, whereas innovation affects OP. Moreover, it is said that SGL has not only a direct effect on OP but an indirect effect through Innovation. This study focuses on discussing global leadership competencies based on spiritual values that play a role in innovation and OP. Developing alternative leadership models, in which SGL can respond to global demands with multiple roles and moral complexities. This study presents the concept of  SGL, where SGL plays a central role in innovation and OP at IHE.

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