Teacher Profile Analysis In Integrating The Industrial Revolution 4.0. Into Learning Process

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Muhammad Amin , Abdul Muin Sibuea , Bima Mustaqim


With "Making Indonesia 4.0" as a policy, the Indonesian government has begun to address the issue of industrial change in an effort to pave the way for Indonesia to become one of the new powers in Asia. One of the actions is to alter the educational system at Indonesia's vocational high schools, where the system has been changed starting April 2018 to one that is competency-based and student-centered. To develop pupils who can meet the demands of the fourth industrial revolution, teachers must be highly competent. In this piece, we pose the following question: What degree of preparation do teachers have to incorporate 4.0 industrial revolution principles into the classroom? and to compare how prepared vocational teachers are to incorporate the concepts of the fourth industrial revolution into the teaching and learning process based on their professional profiles. This study employs a quantitative approach with comparative studies because data in this study is collected using research instruments and its presentation is based on numbers that aim to describe the phenomenon that occurs, which includes teacher readiness. Our findings show that teachers at vocational high schools are among those who are prepared to incorporate the ideas of the fourth industrial revolution into the teaching and learning process. The analysis of variances in vocational teacher profiles on teacher readiness reveals that there are three different teacher profiles, including variations in terms of teacher age, gender, and educational background. Three teacher profiles, including the school where they teach, their job status, and the number of years they have been teaching, are also the same. It may be simpler for vocational teachers to find knowledge on the industrial revolution 4.0 due to the quick growth of technology. Because of this, teachers of vocational subjects fall into the category of those who are prepared to incorporate 4.0's ideas into the teaching and learning process.

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