Impact Of Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna On Women Entrepreneurs - A Comprehensive Review

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Divya Mahadule , Dr. Shiney chib


Women make up nearly half of India's total population, but when it comes to employment and entrepreneurship, women's participation rate and opportunities are extremely low. Since women come under the vulnerable section of the population, careful attention or due importance should be given to them to come out of their vulnerability in terms of economic, political, and social terms and lead an independent life. Women's empowerment can be achieved only when they are economically and financially independent. To be economically and financially independent, they need a special care and support system in terms of infrastructure like banks, markets, etc. The support system from government, civil society, self-help groups, women's associations, and non-government organisations plays a crucial role in the upliftment of women from all vulnerabilities and encourages them to take active participation in economic activity like entrepreneurship. The point of discussion is the mention of one central government scheme called Mudra Yojana, which is massively promoting women's entrepreneurship in terms of the number of women's accounts opened and loans sanctioned to them year after year. 

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