The Role Of The Social Media In Raising The Awaireness Of Umm Al-Quwain University’s Students About The Importance Of Participating In Expo 2020 - Dubai

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The survey aims at highlighting the role of the social media in raising the awareness of Umm Al-Quwain University’s students about the importance of their participation in EXPO 2020 – Dubai.

The descriptive and analytical method has been employed to conduct this study. The students of Umm Al-Quwain University in UAE represent the population of the survey. The questionnaire of the study was distributed on-line to the students. 277 questionnaire forms filled by the students were received. Those interviewees represent the actual sample of the study. The questionnaire was used as tool to collect the required data.

Following are the most important finding of the survey:

  • The most challenges addressed by EXPO 2020 – per the interviewees, were the sustainability, followed by the Opportunities, then the mobility.

  • The most reasons why the survey sample’ individuals from Umm Al-Quwain University’s students were following up EXPO 2020’s events were for increasing their knowledge while the least one was for following up the news.

  • Most the survey sample’ individuals from Umm Al-Quwain University’s students were discussing the subjects related to EXPO 2020 with the individuals of their families.

  • The social media were targeting all the individuals of the society to promote EXPO 2020 events.

The survey made several recommendations of which the most important are: The management of Umm Al-Quwain University should raise the awareness of their students about how to make use of the social media in their university studies, general culture and working life be the means of training courses, awareness booklets as well as other similar events.

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