The Role Of The Electronic Public Administration In Protecting The Principle Of Equality Between Citizens In The Public Unities In Jordanian Legislation

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Dr. Ali Muhammad Al-Jabali


In light of Jordan's orientation and its transformation to electronic management in managing public utilities and providing services to service recipients.  They ensure the Jordanian constitution and legislation the right to equality and non-discrimination in general, and to public utilities in particular. This study determined the role of the transition to electronic administration in Jordan. It is also came to ensuring the principle of equality and the provision of services to service receivers, and its ability to get rid of administrative problems related to traditional administrative methods, especially patronage, nepotism, and discrimination in the provision of services.

The study concluded that the public authority must respect the principle of equality; regardless of the methods it manages the public utility. The provision of services electronically and the transition to electronic administration would ensure equality, non-discrimination, disposal, and elimination of administrative corruption and the disadvantages of traditional administration. The study recommended accelerating the transformation towards applying electronic administration in Jordan, as this will develop the administration, increase its effectiveness, struggle against administrative corruption and reduce the expenses that the government seeks to achieve.

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