Relationship Between Financial Literacy And Success Of Women Entrepreneurs

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Dr. Shiny Rajan , Ms. Ramya Ramancha


The objective of this study is to measure the financial literacy levels among women entrepreneurs and its relationship with their entrepreneurial venture achievements. Other objectives of the study included to determine the obstacles faced by them and also to understand the need of women entrepreneurs. A structured questionnaire inclusive of financial literacy and business success parameters has been administrated to solicit data from women Entrepreneurs in Hyderabad, Telangana. Business success was determined by their number of years of operation, number of employees, revenue and its growth and financial literacy is measured using five basic parameters i.e. awareness of funding sources and investment, financial planning, budgeting and control, record keeping / bookkeeping, risk management and few questions on financial terminology. Descriptive analysis, regression analysis and correlation analysis have been used to analyse the data.

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