An Empirical Study Of Tourist Satisfaction And Loyalty In Gastronomic Tourism With Special Reference To Gujarat

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Bhagyashree Dabi , Dr. Pooja Choudhary , Rajesh Sharma


Introduction - Gastronomy is seen as a determining factor for attracting tourists for travelling destinations and it is now becoming an alternative tourism specifically focusing on the historical and cultural destination.

Objective -The intention of the study is to interpret the perception of the tourist and travellers who are travelling with the intention to seek new dimensions of heritage, culture with food of the destination along with their Gujarat hospitality services that encourage traveller toward gastronomy tourism.

Methodology - The descriptive research approach focuses on empirical study to determine the Tourist Satisfaction and Loyalty in Gastronomic Tourism. The sample size is 151 respondents who are willing to show their perception of gastronomic and related tourism activities.

Results - From a Gastronomic Tourism perspective and its role in tourist satisfaction and loyalty can be identified from all the components of gastronomic tourism like Uniqueness of the destination, Food Authentication, Value for Money, Cultural and the Food Diversity, Gastronomic experience, along with the Loyalty and intention to Revisit and impact of word of mouth over Gujarat Gastronomic tourism.

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