The Planning Of Learning Model For Pandemic COVID-19 Era In First College Students Of Madrasah Al Jami’ah – Indonesia

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Bilingual as educational language is needed, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost all government around the globe suggest their policy to conduct social distancing. Its consequences appear to work from home (WFH) discretion to both employee and student. Elementary school students until post-graduate students accessing learning from home, not only from their teacher and lecturer source but also by joining in various webinars. A new problem emerges such as data provider and language issue. Base on these matters, this study explore how the strategies higher education to organize the first-college student at Jember State Institute for Islamic Studies who from multicultural and multilanguage especially at boarding higher education school. The research finding was the bilingual program in Al Madrasah Jami'ah really helped students in the COVID-19 pandemic. They quickly adapted to the online learning model that require students to hunt foreign references and take part in various international webinars.

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