Enhancing Organization Attractiveness Through Employer Branding: Examining The Mediating Role Of Social Media

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Puja Kumari , Dr. Mili Dutta


The main purpose of the research is to examine the role of social media to communicate employer brand image to potential applicant in creating positive perception about the organization. The proposed model specifying the, how social media creates a bridge between employer brand perception and organization attraction as an outcome in the online recruitment. For this study, data was collected from 211 employees working on Indian IT sector to test the mediating role of social media, step-wise linear regression was performed (SPSS 22). The major findings are: (1) SM is a significant predictor of organization attractiveness (2) the mediating role of SM between employer brand perception and organization attractiveness is empirically established. The results of the study suggested that organization can use SM to promote/ create their employer brand perception to the prospective applicant towards enhancing organization attractiveness. Further, theoretical and managerial implications have discussed.

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