A Review Study On Employees' Competency Mapping And Output Management: With Reference Nagpur Based Small Scale Manufacturing Industries

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Dr. Vinod Waiker , Mr. Aftab Ali Siddiqui , Mr. Sarwar Alam Ansari


One of an organization's most important resources is its human capital. From the perspective of the organisation, employee development is the key. The competences (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities) that employees possess have a major role in how they develop. In order to be successful, firms must identify and foster certain competencies among their workforces to make them more competitive and adaptable. However, from an organisational standpoint, the major problem here is figuring out which talents need to be identified and cultivated. According to research, there aren't any predetermined lists of skills needed for any job; rather, each person's skills vary depending on the demands of their position. Therefore, doing an accurate job analysis is required to identify the competencies, and creating strong job descriptions and staff specifications as a result is essential. Once the necessary skills are known, several training and development programmes can be used to incorporate those skills.

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