Development, Item Analysis, And Standardization Of University Postgraduate Students’ Cognitive Ability Test

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R. Prabha , Dr. K. Dhanalakshmi


The present research study was conducted for the development, item analysis, and standardization of university postgraduate students’ cognitive ability.  A simple random sampling procedure was followed to select 1110 students from different universities.  It consisted of male as well as female university postgraduate students. The objective of the study was achieved in the form of a reliable and valid test intended to provide an insight into those methodologies that can help us measure and restructure human aptitude to enhance cognitive ability among students by filling the gaps, to produce successful and efficient students. The reliability was calculated via the Cronbach alpha method. The main objective of the study was to develop test items by determining the difficulty, discrimination index & reliability. The test would help in the identification, measurement, and analysis of core cognitive ability factors that determine success in teaching.

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