The Role Of Communication Strategy Towards Improving Organizational Performance: The Mediation Effect Of Commitment Behavioral Stream

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Shubashini Rathina Velu , Kayalvily Tabianan


Currently, communication is a key component of any organization's success in attaining its goals. Before we inform our users, suppliers, and other stakeholders, the process should start within the organization itself. This research is to investigate how organizational performance in businesses can be affected by communication. In this report, the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) predicts and explains how managers' communication help employees do their jobs more effectively. Additionally, in the current study, the intention is employed to represent the managers' commitment, and actual behavior is swapped out for employees’ performance. This is the current study's theoretical contribution. Data for this study was gathered through an online survey, making it entirely quantitative in nature.

To protect the anonymity of the respondents, the questionnaire was created without the need for any personal identification information. 500 questionnaires were administered to employees currently working in Saudi Arabia's eastern region, and 269 of them were returned. PLS-SEM was used to analyze the data in order to find the managers’ communication skills, which were mediated by commitment capabilities and had a positive impact on organizational performance in the workplace.

The results showed that strong organizational performance between superiors and subordinates was influenced by good communication strategies, which was mediated by management commitment. Results also revealed a substantial link between leadership ability and the relationship's requirement for promoting more positive communication strategy. This strategy was more successful since it extends beyond information processing and involves the process of employees together crafting the organization's goal and vision as well as its corporate values. Additionally, job enrichment and a person's alignment with the organization's values can strengthen the organization's commitment. Additionally, there are other methods for enhancing job satisfaction, such as increasing the quality of supervision inside the company.

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