Attitudes Of Public-School Teachers Towards Using Technology And Its Effect On Their Teaching And Student Learning

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Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz Khan , Dr. Yasira Waqar , Dr. Ismat ullah Cheema , Dr. Intzar Hussain Butt


This study explores the attitudes of public-school teachers towards the usage of technology in education and its effect on their teaching and students’ learning. This qualitative research studied public schools in Punjab by conducting semi-structured interviews with teachers. Findings depicted that teachers initially felt disdain towards technology usage but opened up to the idea after training. The results included an example of a public school where technology was integrated into education and produced positive results. The original contribution of this study to the body of knowledge is by depicting the struggle and occasional success of a monolingual teacher trying to make meaningful use of technology, where most of the support is being offered in a foreign language (English). Non-meaningful use of technology due to lack of proper training was also studied and potentially rectified using workshops.

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