God’s Existence In Primary Islamic Sources: An Analytical Study In View Of New Atheism

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Dr. Ataur Rehman , Prof. Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Shahbaz , Dr. Fatima Noreen , Hafiz Faiz Rasool , Abbas Ali Raza


Atheism is based on the denial of existence of God. However, Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam have firm belief on God’s existence. Islam as final revealed message of God to humanity defines the concept of God comprehensively. The objective of this study is to explore God’s existence in primary Islamic sources. This is a qualitative research and data is gathered from Qur’an, Hadith, books, articles and online sources. Qur’anic proofs are very simple and strong which are understandable for every man. Qur’anic proves appeal an average person and highly intellectual person equally. Muslim scholars add Qur’anic verses in their argument which support God’s attributes and the creation of the universe. They argue extensively from Qur’an to explain facts about the universe and proving the existence of God. They also quote Qur’anic verses which are supported by the discoveries of modern science. New atheists are not expert of religion; however, they add references of religious sacred texts to strengthen their arguments. Sam Harris uses verses of Qur’an without understanding the context to portray Islam as religion of Terror. He writes the different verses of Qur’an without mentioning their specific contexts to support his argument. The position of atheism is illogical and irrational.

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