The Predictive Value Of Intellectual Security Of Extremist Behavior In A Sample Of Adolescents Preparation

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Dr. Sobhia Ahmed Abdelkader


The current study aimed to determine  the predictive  value of intellectual security in extremist behavior in a sample of adolescents at the secondary level, and the sample of the basic study consisted of (245) students of adolescents in the secondary stage in Cairo governorate in the academic year (2021-2022  ),  their chronological ages ranged between (16-17) years in the middle of (16.583) years, and deviation with the Arate of (0.741), and by applying the measures of intellectual security and extremist behavior in adolescents at the secondary level, which are prepared by the researcher, as well as following the descriptive relational approach, the results of the study resulted in a statistically significant negative correlation between the scores on the intellectual security scale and the scores on the extreme behavior scale of  (0.784)  on the total score of the two scales, as well as the predictability of extremist behavior in the two scales.  Adolescents in the secondary stage in the knowledge of the degree of intellectual security, where the value of "P" (388.350), and the regression equation was determined in the following formula:

y= 22.134 - 1.444 x

Extremist behavior = 22.134 - 1.444 Intellectual security

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