A Case Report Of Occurrence Of Traumatic Tongue Injury Due To Neonatal Tooth In A Healthy Infant

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Dr. Harmesh Lal Chouhan , Dr. Arunima Guru , Dr. Ankita Sehgal , Dr.Vishal Sharma , Dr.Sakshi Joshi , Dr. Vignesh Guptha Raju


Riga-Fede disease is a mucosal disorder which is benign in nature and can present as ulceration of oral soft mucosa. It is usually associated with repetitive trauma occurring of the specific area such as due to presence of neonatal or natal teeth.  The aim of the present case report is to present Riga-Fede disease and its treatment for a 5 month old healthy female infant. Following the elimination of trauma source (extraction) complete healing of the lesion along with improvement in child overall health was observed at 1 week follow up visit. The clinical presentation of the disorder can be puzzling with various oral malignancies. Hence, the diagnosis and treatment of this disease are very important.

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