Тhe Lower Reaches Of Zarafshan Region: Socio-Ecological Problems And Ways Of Their Solution

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Aziza M. Aminova


The aggravation of the world's environmental situation in the XXI century raises questions of careful attitude to nature and the use of its resources. The primary task in solving this problem is the socio-cultural system of education and upbringing, which will lead to a radical transformation of the entire society. This requires the search for new approaches and methods to analyze the interaction of a person and the surrounding world, providing for reasonable management of natural factors. The link in this process is primarily a centralized state administration that regulates the regional level, interacting with environmental problems on the ground.  The article historically analyzes the features of environmental problems characteristic of the lower reaches of Zeravshan region , which harm the flora and fauna of the oasis. The state of fresh underground and drinking water, emissions of harmful substances polluting the atmosphere, the unreasonable use of natural resources and the consequences are consistently highlighted. The unsatisfactory activity of environmental authorities and environmental commissions to attract enterprises' compensation payments for harmful substances into the atmospheric air in the cities of Prizaravshania, imperfect environmental quality management, is of an informational and advisory nature. The conditions for reducing environmental problems are studied, through the introduction of new technologies, management methods, and proposals are made to improve the quality of the environment to the peculiarities of the region.

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