Model Of Digital Transition During The Pandemic For Msmes Of Mass Consumption In Zone 3-Ecuador

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Marcelo Javier Mancheno Saá , Jenny Margoth Gamboa Salinas , Jacqueline del Pilar Hurtado Yugcha , José Bernando Herrera Herrera


Digital transition is a process that companies currently implement to achieve an optimal level of competitiveness, as well as, to stay in the changing market and complicated by the conditions associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, the objective of the research is to propose a model of digital transition during the pandemic for MSMEs of mass consumption products in Zone 3-Ecuador; that supports the insufficient integration of business elements and the migration from a traditional model to a digital one. Being a descriptive-exploratory study, the inductive-deductive, analysis-synthesis and modeling method was used; and a sample of 371 micro, small and medium enterprises was studied with a structured survey. Several analyses were carried out, including reliability analysis with Cronbach's Alpha statistic; correlation analysis with Pearson's coefficient and multivariate analysis of neural networks. As results, three sections are presented: 1) the situational analysis of MSMEs 2) the definition of the components for an efficient digital transition and 3) the proposed model. It is concluded that the digital transition requires several aspects to achieve an optimal level of sales and stability.

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