Dawa In The Era Of Digitalization And The Approach Of Muslim Scholars

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Dr. Sadna Zeb , Dr. Sumayyah Rafique , Dr. Oumar Saleem , Dr. Muhammad Sarwar , Hafiz Musannif Shah , Dr. Maria Mann


Social media is one of the crucial parts of creating new social communication channels using modern information systems among friends, relatives, and strangers. Because Allah, who created all people, intended for them to worship him. One of the ways they worship him is by assisting others, which will be made possible by technology in the present era. This study aims to advance social media's place in Muslim culture. Additionally, it bases its use on social welfare and Islam. According to the study, not every Prophet employed the same methods and equipment for da'wah. Depending on the settings and circumstances, they employed various tools and tactics for Da'wah. This is one way modern IT tools can be a more powerful weapon for Islamic Da'wah. Social media sites such as Newsfeed, Facebook, YouTube, Skype, Linkedin, Google+, Tumblr, Snapchat, WhatsApp, IMO, Telegram, and others became convenient and accessible, smooth, quick connections, live broadcast, live contact, and cheap in various aspects of our lives from any part of the world when conventional modes of interaction were slow and expensive. The methodology for the study was qualitative. It was employed as a tool for gathering data. Similarly, textbooks, newsletters, and online sources were utilized for the research. The discussion says that social media has bad and good effects on our Muslim community, especially from an Islamic point of view.

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