Islamic Culture And Impacts Of Its Features In Contemporary Scenario

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Dr. Javaria Hassan , Dr. Hafiz Tahir Islam , Dr. Ali Akbar Al Azhari , Dr. Maria Mann , Dr. Muhammad Sarwar , Dr. Shamshad Akhter


There are many civilizations in the world. It stands for the ideals and way of life of the country. Every nation has a tradition of doing its utmost to preserve its culture and persuade other nations to embrace it. Due to these aims, these nations are always at war to destroy one another's culture and promote their own throughout the world. The globe does not, however, permit the armed invasion of another culture. For others to adhere to the governing culture, they must uphold high moral standards. Suppose we conduct an analytical analysis of many cultures. In that case, we can discover that there were numerous cultures that attempted to rule the entire planet but were rejected by people because of numerous flaws in them. Only Islamic culture was embraced totally by everyone. because it was the first civilization to make the people prosperous, it provided them recognition and strengthened them. The following research paper begins with an introduction to the culture and its history before focusing on Islamic culture, including its salient characteristics and positive effects on humanity. This essay is a modest attempt to examine the connection between Islam and urbanization from a cultural standpoint.

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