Ag-CP Mofs As A Green And Sustainable Catalyst For The Synthesis Of Bioactive Heterocyclic Chromene Derivatives

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Amol Rangrao Suryawanshi , Santosh A. Anantwad , Prof. Sayyad Hussain Sajjansab


Chromenes are well-known bioactive heterocyclic compounds that have played an important role for drug design and are part of many natural products of biological and industrial significance. Herein, novelgreen and sustainable Silver coordinated co-ordination polymer (Ag-CP) have been synthesized as a heterogeneous catalyst forone pot multicomponent synthesis of series of bioactive heterocyclicchromene derivatives under ambient reaction conditions. The advantageous features of the present energy feasiblemethodologyconsist of high yield of the product shorter reaction periods, and recyclability of the catalyst

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