International Humanitarian Law And Authority Of Indian Constitution

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Mr. Indra Kumar Singh , Dr. Tarun Pratap Yadav


India has given sufficient provisions to the International Humanitarian Law Principles in the Constitution of India. Article 51 of Indian Constitution endeavour the State to promote international peace, amity, harmony and security, maintain equitable, just and respectable relations between different nations and enlarge sacredness for international law or any treaty commitments in the intercourse of organized peoples with each another. Article 253 of Indian Constitution empowers the Parliament to ratify and validate any law in pursuance to the execution of any treaty or agreement to which India is a member, or even resolution of any international conference, in spite of anything possessed in the Constitution of India vis-a-vis distribution of legislative powers between centre legislature and state legislatures

In this research paper we tried to highlight and explain the relevance of International Humanitarian Law and Constitution of India; elaborate the scope and nature of Geneva Conventions Act, 1960 and discuss the various Implementing measures adopted by various countries.

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