Moderating Effect Of Work-Family Conflict On The Relationship Of Perceived Organizational Support And Job Satisfaction: A Study Of Government Commerce Colleges Of Kp, Pakistan

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Muhammad Iqbal , Dr. Shabir Ahmad , Mohib Ullah , Dr. Aqsa Siddiq , Asghar Ali , Nazim Ali


The current study investigates the effects of the “Perceived Organizational Support” on the “Job Satisfaction” and also examines the moderating effect of “Work-Family Conflict” in this relationship.  The study considered faculty members serving in various Government Commerce Colleges in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as a unit of analysis and collected data through a questionnaire for the purpose of analysis. The results of various statistical tests showed that there is a positive and significant effect of the “Perceived Organizational Support” on the “Job Satisfaction” among the faculty members serving the colleges. The analysis of moderating model showed that there is a significantly negative effect of the “Work-Family Conflict” in the relationship between the “Perceived Organizational Support” and the “Job Satisfaction” of the faculty members. It implies that faculty members if unable to balance the work and the life are less satisfied at work and perceive less or no support from the organization. The results have serious implication for the policy makers and principals of the Colleges to work on “Job Satisfaction” related concerns of the faculty members.          

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