Addressing Employee Overqualification: Thrust On Reflections Of Overqualified Employees At Work

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Dr. Swati N.Rahate


Hiring an employee who is overqualified for the position may have both positive and negative consequences for the organisation. Employees who are overqualified are more likely to perform at a higher level. This could be due to overqualified employees having more than the necessary skills and abilities. Furthermore, the employee may anticipate that positive rewards will often come from objective performance ratings that they believe they deserve. Internal development opportunities that are diverse for achieving organisational goals while fostering employee engagement and retention. This research paper is aiming to explore the problems deriving to employees from overqualification feelings. There is too much demand for education and qualification in the organisations. The study supported from the exploration of the theoretical concepts of psychosocial referring as well to the reality of the employees in Vidarbha region and experiencing several psycho-social problems such as stress, low self-esteem, lack of job satisfaction and chances of turnover.

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