The Thesis of Merging The Regions: An Approach to The Concept of The Regional Security Complex

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Sarmad Zaki Al-Jader, Zainab Ghalib Jaafar


The increasing importance of the regional approach has proposed to us the term of the integration of regions. Hence, the great powers such as the United States of America in light of the spread of global power and regional expansion began to integrate two regions as a means of geopolitical expansion. Furthermore, the USA began to integrate between the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean to confront Eurasian Russia, Belt and Road Initiative and Iranian Umm Al-Qura Project. Moreover, the USA employs the Turkish neo-Ottoman project as tools for redeployment and renewal of hegemony. It shows that meaning that the United States of America started looking for soft areas in the region to maintain geopolitical control. Accordingly, the study at hand was divided into two sections: the first deals with the concept of merging regions, while the second one deals with the region security complex.  

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