The Impact Of Leader-Member Exchange On Psychological Safety In The Period Of Covid-19

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Mustafa Sundu, Murat Sağbaş, Fahri Alp Erdoğan



The purpose of this study is to determine what needs to be done to strengthen the psychological safety of employees and increase the productivity of businesses during the Covid-19 period. A conceptual model including the effect of leader-member exchange on psychological safety has been proposed. The data were analyzed using the Jamovi 2.2 program. To test the proposed model, a questionnaire with 312 participants was conducted. According to the results of the analysis, it has been determined that the leader-member exchange has a significant positive effect on psychological safety. Despite previous studies on leader-member exchange focused on issues such as employee performance, this research includes the sub-dimensions of leader-member exchange in the research model to examine effect of leader-member exchange on psychological safety. In addition, findings of research is supposed to make contribution to managerial activities of institutions.

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