Never Let Me Go: Understanding The Language Used

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Mr. Biman Mondal , Aju Aravind , Dr Ashish Sharma


Language analysis can be referred as to understand writer`s saying in a piece of writing. Never Let Me Go is intended to analyze in terms of language used by Kazuo Ishiguro. The present study examines words and phrases, layers of meaning, literary techniques and how the language effects on feeling with reference to Never Let Me Go. It is concluded in this study that the novel narrated in first person singular form. Kathy’s voice in Never Let Me Go seems consistent. A reader feels clear sense of Kathy`s character through her discipline of speaking. Kathy also can be seen as reliable narrator and other characters` voice is distinguishable from Kathy`s voice.  The important words used in the novel. The words used in the novel such as: euphemism, possible, capitalization of words, donor, unzipping, you poor creatures have specific meaning in the novel.

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