Principles Of Gender Equality In The 1946 Constitution – The Value Of The Time And The Foundation For The Constitutional History Of Vietnam

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Thu Anh Bui , Thanh Q. Nguyen


Gender equality is one of the seventeen United Nation sustainable development objectives for the period 2015-2030. This is also one of the criteria for assessing a nation's democracy, justice, and civilization level and is one of the social equality issues. Trace back to the constitutional history of Vietnam, we proudly notice that the issues were acknowledged in the country's first Constitution, the 1946 Constitution. The Constitution not only clarified the value of the time but it also laid the foundation for the construction of the Vietnamese Constitution in terms of gender equality. By historical methods and logical methods, the author focuses on clarifying the value of the time and the legal basis of the 1946 Constitution in terms of gender equality. With the social relations approach, quantitative methods, the author has generalized the gender equality policy implementation process in Vietnam. This article presents some policy and implementation recommendations for the gender equality plan in Vietnam today, which is based on scientific evidence.

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