Physical Skill Performance and Pedestrian Movement Among the Trainers of Military College Students in Light of Some Subjective Factors in The State of Kuwait

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Dr. Mutaib M. Alotaibi , Prof. Adnan H. Aljadiri


The study aimed to examine the level of physical performance skills of trainers at the Ali Al Sabah Military College in Kuwait. In addition, to explore the performance and pedestrian movements skills in the light of some variables (trainers rank, the number of specialized training courses that the trainer had participated in, and the length of service in the training field. The study sample consisted of (52) trainers who perform comprehensive training at Ali Al Sabah Military College. An observation tool was developed to measure the technical skills of the trainers that had been designed. The instrument consisted of (63) items, distributed into two fields: physical training, which contains (21) items, and pedestrian movements which includes (42) items, where this tool had been subjected to good validity and reliability. The study results showed that the level of technical skills performance of trainers in the Pedestrian Movement training domain was high. Moreover, there are statistically significant differences at (α ≤ 0.05) in the trainer’s technical skills in general and the skills of physical training in particular, according to the military rank and the number of specialized courses and years of service, in favor of trainers who hold master sergeant rank, participated in more than three specialized courses and worked for more than ten years. The study recommended implementing training courses for the trainers with medium and brief experiences, and emphasis should be given to the sergeant and staff sergeant.

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