Uses Of Social Media Sites And Rumors Achieved In Stirring Up Hate Speech For The Period From (1-1-2021 To 1-3-2021)

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Social media sites have been a fertile ground forth the spread of hate speech, following the change in the pattern of the communication process, after the public has gone from a passive recipient to an active user capable of taking the role of contact, the content industry and broadcasting messages, without a ceiling that defines and differentiates freedom of opinion and expression of opinions and ideas from pitting and spreading intolerance and stirring up hatred and bias, to make such practices calls for direct or indirect hate speech to the public using hostile acts. Against individuals and communities, and given the importance and seriousness of the topic on the community structure present and future, so the problem of research was identified in trying to answer the main question: what are the uses of social media sites and rumors achieved in stirring up hate speech,

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