Teaching The Even Language In A Nomadic Camp: Problems And Solutions

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Sleptsov Yuri Alekseevich


The article considers the organization of nomadic camps for indigenous peoples of the North as a factor of educational formations included in the national-regional education system of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia); the analysis of difficulties encountered by the organizers in the first years of the nomadic camp when learning the native language by Even children is carried out.    

For the educational system, the nomadic camp is a new form of organization of temporary association during the summer holidays as an inseparable system of teaching the native Even language in natural nomadic conditions. Children are recruited to the camp who, for objective reasons, do not have the opportunity to go to reindeer herding brigades, and thus have no idea about the traditional way of life of their people. Work experience since 2000 has shown positive dynamics in the field of preservation of the Even language and culture. Many pupils after graduating from secondary school entered various colleges and universities and subsequently joined the ranks of teachers, educators, cultural workers; some of the children remained to work in domestic reindeer husbandry.                   

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