Impact Of The Covid 19 Pandemic On Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises (Msmes) Performance: A Study In Indonesia

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Nanang Yusroni , Ratih Pratiwi


This study aims to analyze the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the existence of MSMEs in Indonesia and how solutions can help MSMEs survive in the COVID-19 pandemic situation. In this writing, the researcher uses library research, namely in the data collection process, it is not necessary to go into the field directly but take various reference sources that support this research. This research is a qualitative research type. The data collection technique is listening and recording important information in conducting data analysis by means of data reduction, data display and conclusion drawing so that: get an overview of the conclusions regarding the study of literature to be developed in this study and for data validation using triangulation of data sources.The impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on the economy has been experienced by all countries in the world, including Indonesia, which has experienced a fairly large economic impact. MSMEs in this case are the hardest hit in this crisis, paying attention to the contribution of MSMEs to the number of business units, the contribution of GDP, labor absorption, exports and investment to the economy in Indonesia which is very large. The government policies are also divided into various short, medium and long term strategies, including in the short and urgent term, the government focuses on reducing the addition of COVID-19 fatalities with an emphasis on health sector stimulus and welfare assistance for the affected people, and to The medium-term policies include ensuring the business world to operate, maintaining the continuity of the logistics sector and encouraging the independence of the medical device industry, while the long-term strategy is focused on the introduction and use of digital technology for MSMEs as well as preparation for entering the Industrial era

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