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Bhavyashree R Upadhyaya, Dr. Smita Kavatekar, Dr. Preeti Savant


Everything in this world is changing and developing itself into something new and more efficient. The concept of laundry has also evolved with time. Washing clothes by our own has been replaced by the laundry vendors then later washing machines came in to the picture. So, lots of hard work has been replaced by smart work. Though introduction of laundry shops reduced people’s laundry work in their homes, in a great manner, saving more time and energy it has also been degrading the environment that we all live in. Everything has its own benefits and loopholes.

This is a conceptual research paper with secondary data and is completely based on facts, the views of the author and the review of literature.  The main aim of this paper is to understand the cause-and-effect relationship of the laundry chemicals and the environment. The concept of laundry management, its need in the modern world, environmental concerns that are caused by the laundry processes and activities are the various aspects discussed in the paper. This paper also gives suggestions and introduces and elaborates about the best practices and the green practices that can be used by the laundry firms and individual thereby protecting and conserving the environment from further degradation.

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