Six Sigma Model And Its Impact On The Productivity Of An Organic Banana Exporting Company

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Luis Edgardo Cruz-Salinas


The importance of applying a six sigma model in an organic banana exporting company was demonstrated. The main objective was to determine the impact on productivity by the application of the methodology. The study was applied, pre-experimental, with a quantitative approach and an explanatory level. The five phases of the model were implemented. The population was made up of productivity records grouped in weeks for eight months: from July to October 2021 and from March to June 2022, that is, four months before and four months after the application of the improvement. The techniques used in the collection of information were observation, documentary analysis. It was concluded that the application of the improvement had a positive impact on productivity, being evidenced with the increase of 24.7%. The t student test was applied to perform the contrast of the hypothesis, obtaining a significance level of 0.001.

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