The Innovation of Human Resource Development in the Hospitality Business

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Watchara khoasung, Putra Arelae , Ninusra Mintrasak, Suppamas Rattanapipat


The objective of this research are 1 to study the innovations which used in human resources development of the hospitality business 2) to know the result of innovation using in hospitality business 3) to present innovative approaches to human resource development in the hospitality business. It is a mixed method research which use an in-dept interview and questionnaire as a tool with 35 sample in Pattani hospitality business. The results showed that the hospitality business is an organization that focuses on applying innovation to human resource management from the recruitment and selection process, training and development, remuneration and employee relation. The implementation of innovation in human resource management in the picture is the most integrated ( x ̅ = 4.27) by applying innovation to human resource management.. Recruitment and selection is at the highest level (x ̅ = 4.52). The approaches to enhanc human resource development innovation in the service business in the field of recruitment and selection should be increased by reporting to collect rate statistics which employee in and out of staff accrual rate to be recruited for replacement or additional staff. Training and development should be added to online courses such as E-learning and focus on learner-based training. Measurements are made by assessment after training, with competency measurements in compensation and employee relations should be increased in regards to the use of performance evaluation programs or the number of days that are absent, leave late for accuracy and clarity in salary adjustment assessment.

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