Assessment of the Clinical Instructors’ Perspectives on Outcomes-Based Nursing Education in Region VIII

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Maria Linda S. Agus


This study assessed the clinical instructors’ perspectives on Outcomes-Based Nursing Education in terms of their knowledge of Outcomes-Based Education. This determined the Problems encountered by the clinical instructors and students in the implementation of OBE and the extent of Outcomes-Based Nursing Education implementation as evaluated by the clinical instructors and students. The results showed that most of the respondents are female, belonged to the middle age adulthood, and have met the qualifications of a clinical instructor as embodied in the CMO 15, series 2017 or the policies, Standards, and Guidelines of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program. Generally, the clinical instructor-respondents claim that the OBE program is implemented. However, nursing students’ perception differs from the perspective of their clinical instructors when it comes to the areas of OBE being implemented. In almost all indicators of the program implementation, clinical instructors have rated it higher than the ratings given by the students. Knowledge of OBE and attitude towards OBE were significant in predicting OBE implementation. This indicates that clinical instructors who know, and skills and display a favorable attitude towards OBE contribute to the successful implementation of the program.

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