Changing Regional Identities In Trade: From Multanis To Shikarpuris

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Ramees Ahmad Lone & Nahida chouhan


Indian merchants had a significant presence in Iran and Central Asia during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This paper examines the nature of their commercial activity and show how the Indian merchants constituted an important element of the economic life of the region. It also profiles the relationship between the Indian merchants’ Diaspora and the rulers of Iran and Central Asia to find out the extent to which the business of the Indian merchants was facilitated by state policy. A varied number of commodities were exchanged between the two regions i.e. India and the Central Asia. This business was conducted by a number of trading communities, like Multanis, Lohanis, Khatris, Marwaris, Bohras, Shikarpuris, Armenians and Bukhara merchants etc. However, the main emphasis has been laid on the changing regional identities in the trade with specific reference to Multanis and the Shikarpuris.” 

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