Brand Extension For Synonymity Brands- A Case Study Of FMCG

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Ms. Noopur Bhargava , Dr. Renu Pareek


In today competitive world of FMCG there are various brand name are available and fight for a space in consumer brands. Though there are some of brands which paste themselves in consumer lexicon and became verb, this brands are called synonymity brands. Most of the synonymity brands have a top of mind awareness and high brand loyalty. Through this study researcher is trying to analysis the effect of brand extension for synonymity brands. In this paper 6 synonymity brands of FMCG has been taken into consideration and researcher tried to identify the perception and awareness about the same. Along with that the light has been thrown on the relationship between the original and extension brands. For the present study primary data was collected from 50 respondents regarding brand extension for brands. The data was sorted and charts were prepared and analysis was done with the help of t-test and correlation.

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