Costs For Work Absenteeism Of Doctors In A Public Hospital In Times Of Pandemic

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Larco Pachacama Maria Fernanda , Casilda Paquisha Intriago Mora , Elisa Juverly Zambrano Zambrano , María Marjorie Zambrano Intriago , Gloria Isabel Loor Carvajal


The analysis in the public and private institutions of Ecuador on work absenteeism caused by COVID19, has been of vital importance for the Hospital, for this reason, the objective of this research was to determine the costs generated by work absenteeism and the main diseases. obtained by the workers of a second level public hospital in the country, in the period from January to December of the year 2020, the data and information were obtained in the Department of Human Talent of the Hospital, considering the justified absenteeism for medical reasons, which was determined by means of a formula to establish the values per hour based on the salaries of the doctors, for this investigation it was applied a non-experimental cross-sectional design methodology, being a descriptive-quantitative applied research, the sample of this investigation was 185 doctors, reaching a justified labor absenteeism rate of 32% and COVID-19 was determined as the main cause of absenteeism with a cost of $65,321.89, however, the doctors during the year 2020 were absent in 1,914 days, generating a cost to the hospital of $125,576.68. For this calculation, the 3 remunerations that doctors have of $1,676, $2,641 and $2,967 were considered. The number of patients treated during the year 2020 was 132,335, for a total of 185 doctors who work in the Hospital, a total of 715 patients treated by each doctor is obtained, which generated a double cost in the Hospital.

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