Sustainable Management In Gastronomic Heritage Tourist Routes

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David Rodolfo Guambi Espinosa , Inés Mariana Marín Parra , Silvia Gabriela Tapia Segura , Diego Alexander Haro Ávalos


Sustainable management of gastronomic heritage tourism routes requires specific attention, putting into context all the particularities based on social, cultural, economic and environmental aspects, seeking tangible benefits in the host communities, which requires adequate planning to seek greater potential and use of resources for the benefit of the actors involved. A thorough literature review has been carried out to locate, identify and access relevant information to arrive at the proposed model. The proposed model of gastronomic heritage tourism management is intended to respond to aspects of sustainability, through long-term planning in which each of them are related, forming an Integrated Gastronomic Tourism System (SITGAS). The proposed model aims to develop a dynamic-holistic system that allows the identification of weaknesses, bottlenecks or operational problems to make decisions for the development of implementation strategies for continuous improvement, to create a robust system of permanence over time.

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