Learning Of Linguistics Terms (In The Example Of Uzbek And Kazakh Languages)

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Qodirova Barno Ibragimovna


In this scientific article, the issues of studying the linguistic terms of the related Kazakh and Uzbek languages, which have mutual historical roots, are comparatively studied. To date, although many researches have been created on terminology issues within the framework of general, specific and field terminologies specific to each language, Uzbek and Kazakh linguistic terms have not been studied as a separate object and subject of research in a comparative-typological aspect. A separate and comparative analysis of the issues of the terminology of both sister languages ​​in a specific region (Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan) serves to get acquainted with the history of the formation and study of the terminology of the Uzbek and Kazakh languages, as well as for the theoretical and scientific justification of the research.

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