Methods Of Using National Ideas And Values In The Struggle Against Spiritual Threat In Society

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Gaibullaev Otabek Muhammadievich


In this article is written about humanity's activity in the third millennium to create and implement innovative technologies became the basis for the continuous development of the entire information speed. As a result, the desire for a prosperous life and a happy future has become the main issue in programs aimed at determining the path of development of each country. Such a continuous process directly shows the need to raise morale in society, the effective use of national ideas and values in the conditions of building a new Uzbekistan. The issues of the development of public consciousness in society on the basis of a national and modern view of spirituality, the creation of national mechanisms for combating spiritual threats in all regions of our country began to show their actuality. Because the citizens of society must be spiritually mature and physically strong, think deeply, fight various alien ideas - these are important processes facing our spirituality. The mechanisms for the implementation of the national idea aimed at the development of spirituality in such a system of social relations in our country have been studied nationally on the basis of Islamic teachings, legal criteria, customs and values. In the system of spiritual reforms of new Uzbekistan, the presence of educational methods of the family from various dangers in raising children is a sign that it is considered a holy place. The main task of today is to develop in the world in a modern way the traditions cherished for centuries by our ancestors, to arm the consciousness of citizens with national ideas and ideology, to develop an ideological immunity capable of resisting spiritual threats.

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