Cultural Psychology on Community Types, A Critical Rational Approach

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Mhd Halkis


Psychology specializes in individual behavior and the anthropology of cultural values. It comes to the relationship between the individual and the community in taking action, the collaboration between the two sciences is included in the study of cultural psychology. This research aims to develop an instrument of cultural values ​​by examining individual behavior as a type of community. The researchers used the critical rational approach method. This approach has the principle that theory is not to be verified but falsified; theory is refined through analytical testing and continuous observation. There is no established theory, nor is there an object that does not change with time. The study's results found that the orientation of cultural values ​​describes four types of community communities: vacuum communities, passive communities, active communities, and super active communities. Even though it looks like there are levels, it turns out that cultural values ​​regarding the self between the vacuum community and the super active community both view their nature as perfect. Therefore, the types of community communities cannot show absolute high and low instruments cultural of society. The critical approach can only dismantle the theory of cultural psychology to be more perfect.

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