Multivariate Analysis Of The Social And Labor Impact Of Graduates At The Linkage Center Of Antofagasta, Unap

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The purpose of the research was to design a model proposed from a statistical point of view for a management model for the follow-up of graduates at the UNAP's Antofagasta Outreach Center. Information related to employment was obtained through surveys of graduates of this higher education institution.

This regional project is proposed as an exploratory and innovative statistical design, insofar as the main objective is to learn about an integrated model of relations between graduates and the university that has welcomed them for years. For this purpose, information was obtained from the UNAP Alumni Office.

In recent years, the situation of universities has undergone important changes that led them to focus on two closely related aspects: perceived service quality and satisfaction.

In general, the aim is to measure variables related to the behavior and perception of graduates through multivariate models and structural equations to verify the proposed relationships.

The most relevant results will be processed under two platforms:

1.- Analysis of the information through  Spad. v 5.6 software.

2.- Analysis of the information through SPSS v 21.0 software.

Through this analysis, it is of interest to know the loyalty of graduates to the university, satisfaction, perceived image, graduate-university identification, employment and linkage.

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