E-government with a transformational approach in public Management. A systematic review

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Julio César Nuntón More, Manuel Lorenzo Germán Cáceres, Ysabel Ticona Tuanama de Peña, Flor Delicia Heredia Llatas


In public management, it is possible to influence technological progress in public entities through the planning, administration and management of resources, organizing new technological forms for a better government, streamlining, optimizing and transparenting new processes in the public system, according to the needs of each government. The objective is to analyze public management and the electronic government as a transformational approach, which aims to improve operations and services in a transparent manner with the participation of the citizenry, through the use of ICTs. The research methodology is descriptive research considering 46 articles selected from reliable databases. In the results, we have found mechanisms of electronic government such as the use of the internet, websites, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, digital identity, microdata, information systems, which have been implemented within their electronic government in such a way that they processes are more efficient, saving time and cost and minimizing acts of corruption. Finally, it is concluded that the development of information and communication technologies increases productivity, through the efforts of public sector employees and improving their quality and demonstrating how the use of technology can facilitate the development of a new public management through an electronic government.

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