Innovative capacity of companies in tourism sector in La Libertad Region

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Heyner Yuliano Marquez-Yauri, Sandra Lizette Leon-Luyo, Jenry Alex Hidalgo-Lama


A company is innovative if it adopts and / or generates product, process, management or market innovations. The Innovative Capacity is the “ability to innovate” and depends on a set of internal components and factors, the environment and the sector where the company is located. insert In the tourist service establishments in the La Libertad Region, the topic has been scarcely analyzed, in this article it will be approached from the focus of the organization as an innovation actor, so the objective of the study was to know the innovative capacity of companies in the tourism sector in the La Libertad Region in the year 2o17.
87 people participated in the research among owners, managers and administrators of the companies affiliated with the Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Allied, to whom the survey called "Test of business innovation", developed and validated by the Catalan Institute of Technology - was applied ICT, which rates innovation capacity with the categories of excellent, good, insufficient or very low.
The results allowed us to know that 53% of the companies had an insufficient capacity for innovation, 43% had a very low capacity for innovation and only 5% had a good capacity for innovation, in relation to the need for a system or model of innovation, it is very important for 67%, important for 26% and unimportant for 7% of respondents. It is inferred that companies in the tourism sector in the La Libertad Region do not have guidelines, guidelines or policies that are aimed at developing their innovative capacity.

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