Problem-based learning and the improvement of critical thinking of Medical Technology students at a Peruvian University

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José Paredes-Carranza, Teresita del Rosario Merino-Salazar


The present research work aimed to determine that PBL improves the critical thinking of Medical Technology students of the University of Jaén - 2022. The type of research was applied, quantitative, experimental and longitudinal with quasi-experimental design. The population under study was made up of 94 students from different cycles of the specialty of Medical Technology and all of them made up the study population segmented into two groups: experimental and control; with 47 participants for each group. For data collection, the survey technique was used and the instrument was a critical thinking questionnaire; this was validated using the statistical model of Aiken's V and the content validity was obtained with a coefficient of 1.0. Regarding the calculation of the reliability of the instrument, Cronbach's alpha was used and a coefficient equal to 0.76 was obtained. The findings found with the U of Mann Witney (Z=-6,552 and p-value < 0.05) demonstrate that significant improvement among the experimental and control group therefore the PBL program significantly improves the critical thinking of medical technology students at the University of Jaén.

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